Sloths Nail art designs NAILTHINS durable nail decal nail art transfers ultra thin and flexible


Nail Art Decals SLOTHS nail art designs 


You will receive 20 Sloth nail art designs  to use on your fingers and toes!

Each set of 20 has 2 different sizes!

These are packaged safely with easy to follow application directions in our resealable archival safe NAILTHINS keepers. 

NAILTHINS are ultra thin, flexible and durable. 
No water, cracking, hassle or thick vinyl sticker distracting you from a perfect manicure. 
When applied onto a fresh DRY base coat (recommended) you can easily re-position NAILTHINS until satisfied with their placement on your nail bed. 

A beautiful natural looking nail with fun and fabulous designs!
NAILTHINS a revolutionary new product in nail art. Made in USA!


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