Poodle #2 NAILTHINS Nail Decals


POODLE #2 Nail Decals
Dogs Jump ~ Poodles Fly 


This set is a combination of a Flying Standard Poodle in outline & silhouette, shown in the primary photo. 

You will receive 10 of each style in the following approx. sizes:

16- 8mm x 6mm
 4- 7mm x 5.25mm

Flying Poodle design set is in dedication to Isabella.

We also have Standard Poodle shown in the alternate photo available for purchase:

These are packaged safely with easy to follow application directions in our resealable archival safe NAILTHINS keepers.
Safe & easy to use on both natural & artificial nails.

NAILTHINS are created with a crystal clear background. They look best on light- medium colored polish shades. 

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