Peter Pan Nail Decal Silhouettes by Nailthins

Peter Pan Nail Decal Silhouettes by Nailthins

Silhouette Nail Decals of Peter Pan and his Darling Friends!

5 (five) each of of the 4 (four) silhouette images shown in the primary photo.
1. Peter Pan
2. Wendy
3. John
4. Michael

This would be enough to do 5 single hand manicures or two manicures using them on both hands and a spare set!

These are sized for adult fingers.

These are packaged safely with super easy to follow application directions in our resealable archive quality NAILTHINS keepers. 

NAILTHINS are tiny works of art easily transferred to your fingertips, They are not old fashioned water slide decals nor are they thick vinyl or stickers. 

NAILTHINS are a revolutionary state of the art nail product which allows the ultra thin and flexible image to conform perfectly to your nails allowing a professional painted on finish that protects and prolongs the life of your manicure. 

Application tutorial available on: 

All designs will arrive in an archival quality safe resealable sleeve along with application directions. Patent Pending. MADE IN THE USA.

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