Canine Dog Prints Animal Tracks- Paw Prints NAILTHINS Nail Decal

Canine Dog Prints Animal Tracks- Paw Prints NAILTHINS Nail Decal

72 Canine Paw Print images 

You will receive a total of 12 of the five paw print track images,
and 24 of the larger single paw print graphic art decals to use on your fingers and toes!

These are packaged safely with easy to follow application directions in our resealable archival quality NAILTHINS keepers. 

NAILTHINS are created with a crystal clear background, allowing your polish to be seen around the design. 

Simply cut out the image. Peel from backing.
Place NAILTHINS directly onto a freshly painted and newly dried nail.
Trim excess to fit just inside your nail bed edges. 
Press and smooth flexible NAILTHINS into your nail.
They have a slight tack on the back and will lightly stick onto your nail when pressed and smoothed into your nailbed.
Apply a clear coat to seal the design. (Avoid water or liquids until sealed with topcoat!)
Let dry then apply final clear topcoat for Shine!
I add additional top coats every 3-4 days to maintain a brilliantly glossy shine, this is optional.

NAILTHINS are ultra thin, flexible and durable. 

No water, no cracking, avoid the hassle and thick vinyl sticker look it's distracting you from a perfect manicure. 
When applied onto a fresh DRY base coat (recommended) you can easily re-position NAILTHINS until satisfied with their placement on your nail bed. 

A beautiful natural looking nail with fun and fabulous designs!
NAILTHINS (patent pending) a revolutionary new product in nail art.
Made in USA!

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