MANISKINS 56 Clear nail armor protectors, Ultra thin, and flexible by NAILTHINS


MANISKINS 56 Clear, Ultra thin, flexible, protection shields for your nails by NAILTHINS

We introduced MANISKINS in 2013 as the first product on the market to be worn for the protection of your nails!

Use MANISKINS two different ways:

MANISKINS can be worn as a base layer they protect your artificial nails from the damage that can be caused with the use of Gel Polish. They eliminates the need to soak your gel polish using acetone.

MANISKINS worn on top of polish you can prolong the life of your traditional polish manicure. Offering clear durable protection, and additional chip free days!

MANISKINS can help you manage the grow out phase from artificial nails. They do this by adding additional an extra layer of strength when combined with your base polish, clear or color layer, and top coat polish.

All our products including MANISKINS come with directions!

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MANISKINS in no way offer a cure for nail ailments, if in doubt of your nail condition please seek the guidance of a qualified physician.


MANISKINS Ultra thin, flexible, and clear protection for your Manicure by NAILTHINS

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