Graduation Cap Nail Decal 2018 Graduate NAILTHINS Nail Art


A perfect little surprise to slip into your favorite Graduates card!
20 design images per set, each set includes two sizes.
Approximate sizes 9mm down to 7mm in width.

Please choose from: 
Black  Graduation Caps and/or  Black 2018 Graduation Year Nail Decals!


Color 2018 Graduation sets found here:

NAILTHINS are only 25 microns wide, the width of a hair allowing them to conform perfectly with your nail contour giving you a painted on professional finish. NAILTHINS are very durable and flexible.
Please note these are not old fashioned water slide decals, nor stickers. They are an ultra thin new and durable nail art product. 

See just how easy it is to appy NAILTHINS! 
View our application video on YouTube.

These are packaged safely with easy to follow application directions in our resealable archival safe NAILTHINS keepers. 

Extend the life of your manicure in Style.
Patent Pending. Made in the USA!