Blue Flower Nail Decal and Nail Wraps Set #1

Combo Set of:
Blue flower Nail Decals and Nail Wraps 

This set contains:
32 Blue flower decals (various design sizes as shown, Approx 15mm wide to 5mm wide)
4 full Nail Wraps (approx. 18mm tall x 15mm wide) as shown in primary and secondary photos on ring finger

PLEASE NOTE- These are shown applied over white nail polish base. We suggest white or light colored nail polish for best contrast of your design.

*Additional photos in listing show other flowered nail decals offered in our shop.

NAILTHINS are only 25 microns wide, the width of a hair allowing them to conform perfectly with your nail contour giving you a painted on professional finish. They are very durable and flexible. Please note these are NOT water slide decals, nor are they stickers. They are an ultra thin new and durable nail art product. 

See just how easy it is to appy NAILTHINS! 
View our application video on YouTube.

These are packaged safely with easy to follow application directions in our resealable archival safe NAILTHINS keepers. 

A beautiful natural looking nail with fun and fabulous designs!
NAILTHINS a revolutionary new product in nail art. Made in USA!

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