Black Bows #2 Nail Decal NAILTHINS Nail Design


Introducing NAILTHINS a revolutionary new product in nail art!

NAILTHINS easy to apply, ultra thin, flexible and durable. 
No more water no more cracking or thick latex "bumps" distracting you from a perfect manicure. 

You will receive a total of 28 Black Bow graphic art decals to use on your fingers and toes as shown in primary photo. 

Use on natural nails to gain strength and additional days out of your manicure. Easy to use with all forms of  artificial nails. 

All NAILTHINS arrive in an archive quality resealable keeper with easy to apply application directions.

You can also join the fun and view our application tutorials on:

A beautiful natural looking nail with fun and fabulous designs!

NAILTHINS Made in the USA, Patent Pending.