Sports Teams and Balls!

Baseball Nail Decal NAILTHINS Base Ball nail art designs

Baseball Nail Decal NAILTHINS Base Ball nail art designs

20 Baseball  NAILTHINS full nail decals for your fingertips. 

The main photograph shows this design over a white shimmer polish base.To retain the white element apply over a white polish base. Or you can pair it with numerous colors for your own creative look. I recommend avoiding dark base polish shades as it will not have a color contrast if applied over dark polish colors. 


We also have a Baseball Laces listing found here!


NAILTHINS are only 25 microns wide, the width of a hair allowing them to conform perfectly with your nail contour giving you a painted on professional finish. They are very durable and flexible. Please note these are not old fashioned water slide decals, nor stickers. They are an ultra thin new and durable nail art product. 

These are packaged safely and include easy to follow application directions! Together in our resealable archival safe NAILTHINS keepers.

A beautiful natural looking nail with fun and fabulous designs!
NAILTHINS a revolutionary new product in nail art. Made in USA!


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