New NAILTHINS designs.

The Hub's and I had a fantastic trip to the UK and France! What a dream, everything was perfect. 

I had oodles of time on the plane, on the trains, sitting in the tube, etc. to day dream

about new designs. Now that I'm home I have been catching up on shipping

and working away at creating the little cuties. I have two that I want to mention

today :-)


The new Blue Box is adorable and turned out exactly as I imagined. 

Couldn't be more happy with how that iconic style translated. The color match is

spot on and you can see for yourself how perfect it is in the photo as I am holding

a Tiffany box for comparison! JOY!



I also just finished a new beau for myself. A little black tux design who presently

resides on my ring finger. I was experimenting with shapes on the computer

and he evolved brilliantly for me. His bow and buttons are adorable! LOVE HIM!


The Hub's said this about my little tux, "I think that is my favorite design so far"

"WOW" Man endorsed! I will be posting him soon :-)

Until then have a great weekend everyone.